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  1. I was able to use IE to download chrome, so that's good news. Everything seems to be working like it should now, albeit really slow. This PC is actually at a remote location from where I am. I have been using TeamViewer to do the steps you've walked me through and then transfer the files back to me so I can attach them to these posts. I guess we can close this one out... Thanks for your help! Mike
  2. Thanks for not giving up yet. Attached are the results. Mike MTB.txt
  3. Good afternoon, I deleted chrome off from my system. The only browser that I have available now is IE11. When I go to the link to re-install chrome I get a "Database Exception" error. Can't download chrome. Mike
  4. When I enter the link to re-install chrome, ie brings up this: Why does the pc think I'm in Gabon? There still has to be some sort of firewall/proxy issue going on here? For now, I'm going to hold off on re-installing chrome. Ideas? Mike
  5. Results of SystemLook scan. Mike SystemLook.txt
  6. Good afternoon, I ran the custom fix and everything seemed to complete normally. Attached is the Fixlog. Now on to chrome. I tried to search for something using the address bar and this is what the result is: I've seen myfirsttab.com and my-search.com both come up when trying to do simple searches. Still an infection somewhere it seems. I tried the chrome.exe -incognito from the run command and it did not seem to make a difference. I have started chrome about every different way since starting this cleanup: from the taskbar, from the desktop shortcut and from the
  7. Maurice, Here are the results. Thanks, Mike Extras.Txt OTL.Txt
  8. Maurice, When you open chrome and go to google.com it still redirects to google.ga. Mike
  9. Good morning, RogueKiller scan is finished. Report(s) attached. The only reference I can find to FineDealSoft, SalesMagnet or TicTacCoupOno are in the AdwCleaner log files that I ran before we started this process. Mike RogueScan0911.txt RogueScanRemoval0911.txt
  10. Good afternoon, I have not seen any pop-up ads in the lower right corner for the pc. I have seen ads in the upper right in both ie and chrome. I currently don't see them, but I saw them as recently as yesterday. Attached are the results of the RogueKiller scan. Thanks, Mike RogueScan.txt
  11. Good morning, Here are the results of the scan. Mike Scan091019.txt
  12. Maurice, Thanks for the reply. Here we go: [1] - read the article on disabling push notifications. Followed the steps outlined in the blog and didn't have any notifications blocked or allowed. Set to "Ask before sending". [2] - copied the link provided above and the google.com is changed to google.ga and "404 requested url not found". I have not signed into the chrome on this computer so I did not feel this was a big deal. Please tell me if my assumption was wrong. [3] - I was able to clear the browsing data fine. Checked all three outline above and changed the timef
  13. Hello, Both my IE and Chrome browers redirect when I try to use them. Both redirect google.com to google.ga and show pop-up ads in the corner and through new tabs. Attached are the FRST files, the malwarebytes scan and the AdwCleaner logs that I ran when I thought I could clean it up myself. Thanks in advance. AdwCleaner[S00].txt AdwCleaner_Debug.log FRST.txt MalwarebytesLog.txt Addition.txt AdwCleaner[C00].txt
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