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  1. Thanks, now its not blocked. And thanks for explanation.
  2. Ok, please help I am a noob. Maybe it was shown once is that reason to be so harsh and for an immediate block? I did not see that even with unprotected browser. And I would appreciate some help what can I do. Contact my ad provider and tell them what? How to resolve this?
  3. That is probably some ad from ad company. I tried just now same in edge with default settings and without protection and I do not get that.
  4. My website is in development and when I try to visit Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocks my website. Can you see and tell me why? https://i.imgur.com/UrjDb4Z.png And in statistics, Malwarebytes Browser Guard says that there is 17 malware https://i.imgur.com/YQ9gXCi.png Any help about this? URL is http://wpmovies.96.lt
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