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  1. Maurice Naggar wrote: You report download issues & sometimes not being able to open attachments. Question: Which web browser is being used at that time ? Since you are describing those types of issues, I will move your Topic to the malware removal section so that we can run guided tests. Susan replies: Opera and Internet Explorer 11 are the 2 browsers I'm using. I can't figure out which edition of Opera I have. I had Mozilla Firefox until pretty recently but it seemed to get corrupted or deleted so I uninstalled it and am hoping to reinstall once I get to where I can download again. I'm unable to download in my webmail program and also from regular websites, using either Internet Explorer or Opera. Maurice Naggar wrote: 1: Please download FRST from the link below and save it to your desktop: "Download link for 64-Bit Version Windows" etc Susan replies: I downloaded FRST on another computer and transferred it to my problem computer on a flash drive, and followed your instructions; did not see a screen in your post showing what options to check, so just left it as I found it, including "Addition" checked. I'll attach a screen print of the setup I used, as well as the 2 logfiles FRST.txt and Addition.txt. Thanks in advance for further advice -- Susan FRST.txt Addition.txt
  2. So sorry for the delay in replying. I was having trouble logging in to this support forum, finally figured out how. Sheesh. Anyway, I typed all the exclusions into Microsoft Security Essentials & uninstalled / reinstalled Malwarebytes and now it seems to work just fine. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! I still can't download / open attachments on my webmail, and I'm thinking maybe that might also be due to Microsoft Security Essentials??? Any thoughts on that? I usually get pdfs, occasionally doc or docx. I *think* I might've seen some sort of message just quickly blink by, before it tells me "__________________ couldn't be downloaded." I get the very same message if I try download an .exe file, e.g. from malwartebytes.com. Any thoughts on how I can get my favorite computer (with Windows 7) to allow downloads, from webmail as well as web pages? Thanks!!!! Thanks also for the explanation of exclusions - that's a big help. Viz the exclusions IN Malwarebytes - I have no idea where those came from, nor where to find them, nor where you found them. In all the time I've used Malwarebytes (until 2 days ago, under y'all's instructions) I don't think I ever did anything anywhere with exclusions. I'm right now "extracting" the grab zip file - I assume that's where you found the 2 you mentioned: I noticed there had been a bunch of "exclusions" of websites on Malwarebytes, like kkjhvudjyaskgjhylarqfjb.com www.kkjhvudjyaskgjhylarqfjb.com ??? I have to go now, will poke around the Malwarebytes website later this weekend (I hope) and try to learn more. Thanks again, and any advice on my "can't download" issue would be great --- Susan
  3. OK - I downloaded the Support Tool to another computer and transferred it to the problem Windows 7 computer on a flash drive. Ran the Support Tool and got the Grab file as expected. I couldn't open this support forum on the problem machine - it acts like I have the wrong logon or password, even though I can log on just fine on 2 other computers - anyway I put the Grab file on a flash drive and am going to attach it to this post. I have to go do some other stuff, but will attempt to follow the Microsoft Security Essentials instructions from Maurice, later today. I'm not clear on the purpose, though - to exclude the Malwarebytes files from Security Essentials scan?? Like, maybe Security Essentials is keeping malwarebytes from running? Thanks!! Susan mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. I've had malwarebytes on my WIndows 7 laptop for years, but haven't run it in maybe 3-6 months. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that I couldn't download attached files in my webmail, and then I realized I couldn't download anything from the internet. Also the computer is verrrry slow to shut down, like 20-40 minutes, except every now & then it shuts right down (a minute or less). Someone suggested I might have a virus, so I clicked on Malwarebytes, and after a minute or two I got a message, image attached: Unable to start Unable to connect the Service I ran Microsoft Security Essentials virus scan, which took several days to complete, didn't find any problems. Also ran Disk Cleanup and Defrag. Still the same issue. I should be able to download a new copy of malwarebytes on a different computer, put it on a flash drive and then copy it to the problem computer, but neither of my other 2 computers run Windows 7 (XP and 10), so didn't want to just start bumbling around. Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions. Susan J
  5. you're right. I did overlook it. yet another lesson learned, if I hope to get back up to speed maintaining my husband's & my computers... Thank you so much for pointing out my oversight, and for hanging in here with me. There's so much troubling about the Internet; user forums with real expert advisors are a rrrreally good thing. Apparently I got distracted trying to download and install the support tool, was why I missed your post about the correct XP version...
  6. apparently I did NOT have the correct version of Malwarebytes for XP - I used the link you sent and it installed fine, and ran a scan fine too. I don't remember how I selected the version I was using - it was late last week - but y'all have fixed me up just fine, now. thank you SO much!!! Susan
  7. thanks so much - esp for reminding me how to see that I have the 32-bit version. I downloaded & ran the one update; it seemed to complete successfully. However when I went back to the top of this thread to try to run the Malwarebytes Support Tool I got the same error message: I rebooted, thinking maybe that was needed for the updates to be fully installed, but still the same error message. Thanks in advance for further instructions :-)
  8. thanks so much for the speedy reply. I clicked on the link, got a choice of 3 downloads - do I want all 3? thanks again --
  9. I downloaded the support tool as instructed and double-clicked to run it, got this error message: .NET 4.0 or above is required, but not detected on this machine. Click 'OK' below to be taken to the download page or 'Cancel' to close this application. So I clicked 'OK' and downloaded and installed the download. Tried again to run the support tool, got this error message: .NET 4.0 Updates are required, but not detected on this machine. Please check for the latest .NET updates using Windows Update and then try again. So I googled microsoft update .NET 4.0 and got a confusing array of choices of downloads and updates and installers, some with cautions as to how I could mess up my system if I don't do it right... can you advise me on what to do next? sorry I'm so clueless... trying to get back to computer literacy after a long slow recovery from health problems, one step at a time...
  10. I'm trying to install Malwarebytes on my XP laptop. It asks me what language I want, and then I get "Runtime Error (at 434:1049): Could not call proc." I tried following the instructions in the doc titled "Malwarebytes for Windows installation fails with runtime error" (attached). I tried several different ways of doing the cmd commands, but the cd command doesn't work. One way I get "The system cannot find the path specified" and another I get "Parameter format not correct." I'm attaching screen prints of these 2 attempts with their error messages. It's been a long time since I used a command window, and have no clue what to try next. Thanks in advance for any help or advice -- I used to use Malwarebytes all the time, and now I'm having nothing but problems. I'll post a separate message about my Windows 7 Malwarebytes not working either. >> sigh << Thanks! Susan Malwarebytes for Windows installation fails wit...pdf
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