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  1. Hello. Any information on blocks ?
  2. Its the link for translation domains, that I listed above, that i mentioned before - The link structure is the same, the redirect is to same location, but it is blocked. Furthermore, even if I link to //www.2-viruses.com/downloads/spyhunter2 on site www.sicherpc.net, it is blocked by browser guard for me.
  3. Hello, the issue with malwarebytes was fixed before. The links are blocked by browser guard www.2-viruses.com/SpyHunter-Installer.exe www.2-viruses.com/downloads/spyhunter2 (when linked from other sites , it is not blocked from 2-viruses as far as i have checked ) [domain]/downloads/spyhunter.exe where domain in www.malwarerid.se, supprimer-spyware.com, malwarerid.dk, www.malwarerid.net, www.malwarerid.jp www.malwarerid.com, www.malwarerid.com.br, www.sicherpc.net, rimozione-malware.com All links lead to same executable hosted in one of few places. It is clean by virustotal.
  4. What has that to do with Spyhunter download? See, If ALL downloads would be blocked, then sure. But I link to other download pages (Including Malwarebytes, which I mention too) and executables (e.g. Iobit MF, which I have review). And they are unblocked. Havent checked yet with something else. Also, the same link on different sites (e.g. 2-viruses) is not blocked. So that has to be some sort exception for Spyhunter I assume, perhaps something else too.
  5. Not really - These links you have pasted are about Spyhunter build 4, if I am not wrong, which should not even be distributed for years. Current version is 5 and it was whitelisted with mbam to as far as I know, https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/117d35e05dca9eac2e7786d34e50f544e94b1d87fa3931570b05d90ecfc7a411/detection And not blocked with MBAM the last time I have tried myself. So it is "false positive".
  6. Also, currently translation pages for this site (malwarerid.com, malwarerid.se,malwarerid.net, sicherpc.net, malwarerid.com.br, rimozione-malware.com, supprimer-spyware.com, malwarerid.jp, malwarerid.nl) label spyhunter download as "scam" , while it does not report some other downloads as such, so I assume it is specifically for spyhunter. At the moment i think the block is removed from 2-viruses?
  7. Hello, My site 2-viruses.com was blocked by Malwarebytes ( topic ). It was removed. However, it is still blocked using Browser Guard extension. Why it is so? I haven't found any logs provided by browser guard, btw.
  8. Hello, All pages on websites 2-viruses.com and malwarerid.com is blocked due to PUP. I do not host any files currently, except Spyhunter custom build, which is no longer detected as PUP by malwarebytes as far as I know, so I think it is false possitive.
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