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  1. 😴 How do I change my malwarebytes account to my new computer? My original computer died on me. I can't even turn it on. It is dead, dead!! I had to buy a new computer and when I tried to transfer my malwarebytes acc. it kept saying there was a problem with my acc. and it could not be found. I even got a letter from (jhull) malwarebytes that if I didn't change my credit card # by Sept. 24, 2019 that I will be billed for $42.72 for an account I don't recognize and the date is off as well. It says my account is to be renewed on Sept. 24, 2019 but, my present account doesn't expire until January 22 or 24th of 2020. So, malwarebytes (jhull) has my accounts mixed up. I presently have a trial malwarebytes account on my new PC that will not accept my product key or my reference number. That trial will expire in 4 days from now 9/3/2019. So, I am a little frustrated as I spent 7 hours trying to transfer my acc. to my new PC yesterday. Please someone help me. Thanx in advance. Cathey 🤞
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