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  1. I am sorry that we keep asking this question, i just checked the forums and i found like 10 other threads where you have answered exactly the same. i checked my mail and it is listed. i also checked my passwords and the one tha the send me is leaked like 20something times but the newer ones and the one (thats currently for my "leaked") isn't sp i guess i dont even need to change it, even thought i will just in case
  2. Hello, I just checked my spam mail and I found one from someone called save yourself (password) In the email (look at attached files) he is informing me that my computer is infected with his malware RAT (remote administration tool because my browser (google chrome) wasn't update and I visited a website with his iframe. He is prompting me to search drive-by, I did the only hit I get are from antimalware sites that esenssialy tell me to download their software so that they can find the virus. This is why I am posting here, from a different computer threw a different account, different network
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