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  1. It blocked settings, malwarebytes, file explorer, and control panel. The problem as been fixed now (used kaspersky)
  2. I tried and it downloaded a trojan I can't run malwarebytes now help...
  3. If you need anymore information please tell me.
  4. I have adblock on and malwarebytes browser guard and all of a sudden I got an ad on youtube. I was confused and tried opening adwcleaner and it didn't open ublock also seemed to loose all of my information and malwarebytes browser guard also logged me out. I closed and reopened firefox and things went back to normal. I also scanned with malwarebytes and it found 0 threats. Help.
  5. I've tried everything I could think of, I've asked who I could. Nothing. I've tried running MB through services and it said that there was a program blocking it from connecting ("could be a virus"), I've tried reinstalling it, nothing. Many of my friends think that perhaps Kaspersky is blocking MB from running, for some odd reason after installing Kaspersky I couldn't run MB. I'm desperate, worried, and out of options, please help, I've been using MalwareBytes for years and this is the first time it has happened. (Kaspersky hasn't found any threats at all even after a few full scans and even A
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