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  1. Hi PaulBostock, I'm looking at https://www.malwarebytes.com/pricing and also https://www.malwarebytes.com/pricing/business. The business pricing page does lay out the the major functions of Malwarebytes. But regarding any differences in the Mac and Windows versions or how they protect a computer, all I'm able to see is "Works for any (mix and match): Windows, Mac." Is this what you are referring to or am I missing it? Thanks.
  2. Perhaps a description of how the Mac version of Malwarebytes functions would be sufficient. (Assuming that it functions dramatically different from the Windows version, I mean.) I'm not asking for enormous detail here, even a link to an updated FAQ might suffice. But I'm still leaning towards the view that, for the Mac version of Malwarebytes at least, a secondary malware scanner could be beneficial (with that secondary scanner's real-time protection disabled as noted a comment above). And I also want to thank those who have taken pains to make clarifications above in this thread. I'm not trying to attack the Malwarebytes product or the company which develops it.
  3. Thanks for this advice. I will edit the Mac's anti-malware settings.
  4. The 3 files that Intego located on my father's Mac were immediately quarantined and 25 minutes ago I deleted them from the quarantine. I'm afraid that I didn't expect Malwarebytes staff to be terribly concerned with the situation having read the above argument as well as the marketing statement from 25 minutes ago. Sorry.
  5. What I have taken from the above conversation is that Malwarebytes, whether the Mac or the Windows version, can certainly benefit from working alongside a secondary anti-malware program.
  6. We have just completed running a full hard drive scan on my father's mac and Intego VirusBarrier found 3 infected files which the Malwarebytes 25 minute Threat Scan did not. We were about to end my father's Intego anti-virus subscription, but I am now convinced that this would only expose his computer to more viruses. Thank you for the above information. Have a nice day.
  7. One last note, please inform your marketing department of this information as their advertisements would appear to constitute false advertising.
  8. Thank you for this information and I would have appreciated having it sooner.. I have been using and even recommending Malwarebytes to friends and family members for a decade. Now I will be letting people know not to expect Malwarebytes to be be their sole source of Malware protection.
  9. This information makes me even more hesitant to continue my Malwarebytes subscriptions. What then Does Malwarebyte do?
  10. Are you suggesting that a 1 GB Mac Hard Drive lacks the space to hide newer forms of Malware or are you merely stating the Mac OS is still not being targeted my Malware to the extent of a Windows PC? And by the way, the "overhead" is never a problem on my Windows PC because I run a custom full scan while I'm asleep.
  11. Dear Support, I have a Windows PC and always run a Custom Malwarebytes scan on every partition of my hard drive at least twice a month as the Threat scan does not scan the entire hard drive. I have recently installed Malwarebytes Premium on my father's Mac and I see no custom scan option when I go to Scan and I see no means to scan the entire hard drive. It appears that Malwarebytes for Mac only runs the much shorter and incomplete Threat Scan. Is this correct?
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