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  1. I had Premium, but when I saw the line: Get Full Protection, I thought I didn't have Premium. 😂
  2. I also would like to use it on my Android phone 🙂 I love Malwarebytes blocking ads and trackers 😁 Awesome!
  3. SUCCESS! Clearing the cache and deleting the web data will not solve the problem. So I searched every possible way to find out where exactly it was, and I have found its whereabouts, here it is: chrome://settings/searchEngines I deleted everything in there. Malwarebytes need to be more powerful to root out things like this, must eradicate, do not just quarantine. Thank you very much, Maurice. If anyone is experiencing this situation, can not remove these PUP similar, go to Chrome and delete all the strange things you've never installed before. Awesome! My computer is protected. 😊 completelyclean.mp4 lastscanresults.txt AdwCleaner[S11].txt
  4. This is the new Fixlog. This time it takes longer than the last time, about a few minutes. I have clicked the Quarantine button, does it mean Replaced? And I see Chrome always works normally, without any pop-up ads or any problems. Everything's fine. As you mentioned, Potentially Unwanted Programs are not malicious malware, so is there no way to permanently removed these Adwares? Up to this point, I still haven't figured out where it came from. 😂 Video.mp4 Fixlog.txt scanresults5.txt
  5. I deleted it all, but after a few hours I browse the web on Chrome, it still appears again. I only use basic tasks: surfing facebook, chat messenger, checking email and listening to music, even if I do nothing, it still appears. Do you have a stronger measure? Have you ever encountered these PUPs in the topics before? Is there any way for it not to reappear? It needs to eradicate, destroy the root! 😤 scanresults4.txt
  6. The tool runs very fast and only takes a few seconds. This is the Fixlog file and the third scan. So have I finished removing all the PUPs yet? What will I do next? Your support is very good, Maurice. Fixlog.txt scanresults3.txt
  7. Hi, I did exactly the steps you guided: reset synchronization and scanned with AdwCleaner. And I tried scanning them again and again, but those PUPs still exist, they can't be deleted (maybe they were deleted but it reappeared). I hate it, is there any other way to make those PUPs disappear forever? scanresults2.txt AdwCleaner[S08].txt
  8. Awesome. Thank you, Maurice. AdwCleaner is excellent! AdwCleaner[C00].txt
  9. I am using Malwarebytes Premium and am also using Browser Guard when browsing the web on Google Chrome. I think everything is safe. But not! When I started to press the scan button. Unbelievable! The results were really unexpected! Why are these PUPs in my computer? Where does it come from? When did it exist? Is anyone using Chrome, please try scanning to check if there is a situation like this? Thanks. scanresults.txt
  10. Awesome! I love Malwarebytes Browser Guard. ❤️
  11. While it is executing a scan command, you should not do anything, close all unnecessary running programs, to get the best scanning performance.
  12. Give me some of the websites you visit often so I can check to see if it's infected with viruses or malware.
  13. Hi, I already have the Premium version, so do I need to download additional Browser Guard for Google Chrome? Thanks.
  14. Hi, should I use only Malwarebytes, or should I combine Malwarebytes and Defender? Thanks.
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