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  1. Well said. MWB is a security application not a productivity application. As such it needs to do its job in the background and not become a distraction. When the user needs to interact with it, MWB's screens or popups should communicate clearly the reason for the alert and the actions [options] available or the current status of any activity and database update status. In v3.x the use of recognizable color-coding [green, orange, red] and recognizable graphic elements [ checkmark, exclamation mark, and stop sign] quickly signaled current status information even before the user read the accompanying written information. MWB isn't [ and shouldn't be ] my main working focus. When necessary to interact with it I want it's interface to be easy to decipher. I do not want or need graphics or animations that do not add any additional useful information. I do not want to spend unnecessary time searching for settings or repeatedly reading docs to determine how to work with quarantined items or add exclusions. Thanks to the MWB team for listening to our feedback.
  2. @Suitiepie I like it. Great first start. Under System Status: Last Update - consider adding system time of last update. Helpful for those users who reported false positive and have been advised it will be white listed in next update.
  3. @Gt-truth FYI, Are you familiar with https://www.askwoody.com/ ? If not: It now incorporates the old Windows Secrets [Brian Livingston] site and newsletter. ♦️Suggest you read the FAQ for overview of site and then use the Search The Lounge to look for " Controlling When Windows 10 Updates " or " how do i block the 1903 feature update from installing ".♦️ Hope this helps Carson Disclaimer: I am a paid subscriber but otherwise not connected with the AskWoody site operation.
  4. Regarding displaying Last Scan and Last [Signature] update/download: While sympathetic to users' wish to display this information on the Dashboard/Main Screen exile360 reasonably asks us to make a case [to MWB developers] for including this information. Although I was aware that MWB always checks for updates before any scan and also regularly [default = every 60 minutes] I still asked that they be included on the Dashboard. Now I'll try to make the case why. In a way the MWB Dashboard is similar to the dashboard in your automobile. If well-designed it provides important information about the current status of the application [or automobile] and it does so with a minimum of confusion and/or clutter. I'll use elements of the version 3.x [Premium] Dashboard to illustrate this point and lead directly to making a case for last scan and last update inclusion. Parenthetically, I need to add [for the version 4.x UI enthusiasts] that I am not subtly arguing for retaining the version 3.x UI, just using the more widely known 3.x UI elements to make my point. Opening MWB to the Dashboard your attention is first drawn by its central position and relative size to the [hopefully!] encircled green check-mark. Even if the accompanying text were in Klingon most users would know by the color and the check-mark symbol that 'Everything's OK'. You are free to move on to the real reason for firing up your computer, developing that great spreadsheet or composing an email to Aunt Mary. Remember, most people use MWB as a security tool to set and forget until needed and not as their primary computing focus. Just as most of the time people use an automobile as a means of transportation for more important goals, such as getting to work or a doctor's appointment. They're not interested in spending ten to twenty minutes viewing various dashboard displays. In the same vein the four green 'on' symbols for the Real Time Protection elements tell you they're up and running. No red dot on the upper right corner Notification symbol says 'move on, nothing new here to see'. To reiterate these display elements quickly and clearly provide current information about the overall operating status of MWB and MWB functions/processes. They convey everything is OK or that the user needs to address certain problems.These current status reports are important enough to display on the Dashboard/Home screen rather than tuck away on other tabs or bury in Settings tabs. The case for including Last Scan and Last Update here is that they also provide important enough information that completes the Dashboard screen's purpose of displaying current status information. I agree with exile360's suggestion that the Last Scan include scan type, date and time. In addition to [Premium's] Real Time Protection, various scans are another extremely important MWB operation. Listing last scan information here allows the user to quickly verify whether their scheduled scans are executing properly and whether they have remembered to run their manual scans as planned. Again, taking a cue from exile360 I think Last Update should list the date and time of the last successful signature download/update not the last attempt to download. The value of listing date/time information is that it gives the user a specific reference point in time. The user can quickly verify that their update settings and the update process itself are working properly. It also will give some users a specific reference point when reading in a forum that item X has been white-listed in the most recent update. Might save some aggravation and unnecessary forum posts. Including an option to manually check for updates would continue the options from v3.x dashboard and tray icon right click. It would allow users to insure they have latest updates before, for example, filing a false positive issue that has already been remedied in the latest update. It would also give users a chance to include the date/time of their MWB last update [if relevant] when posting about certain issues on the forum. In summary, Last Scan and Last Update provide information about important functions of MWB and should be included on the Dashboard.
  5. Add my vote for 'check for updates' appearing on home screen along with date/time of last scan.
  6. First Look at Malwarebytes 4 by Martin Brinkmann on August 28, 2019 https://www.ghacks.net/2019/08/28/first-look-at-malwarebytes-4/ Here I reproduce only his summary: "Closing Words The new interface looks a lot cleaner than the old but that comes at the expense of some information that is no longer displayed on the dashboard. The Malwarebytes 3.x dashboard listed information about previous scans and updates, the new dashboard does not display the information anymore. Another change is that you cannot jump to reports right away anymore. You need to click on scanner and then on reports to access the data. Some of Malwarebytes recent acquisitions, Windows Firewall Control maker Binisoft in particular, are not integrated in the client. The three Malwarebytes processes MBAMService.exe, mbamtray.exe and mbam.exe use still quite a bit of RAM but the situation has improved since the release of the first Malwarebytes 3.x version which used a lot of it." I would encourage readers to view the entire article as Martin has many observations about changes from v3.x and the new interface design that are not captured in the Closing Words.
  7. Malwarebytes Browser Guard for Firefox and Chrome leaves Beta by Martin Brinkmann on September 02, 2019 https://www.ghacks.net/2019/09/02/malwarebytes-browser-guard-for-firefox-and-chrome-leaves-beta/ Read the entire article for context. Here I reproduce his summary: "Closing Words Malwarebytes Browser Guard is a protective browser extension that blocks certain types of outright malicious content and content that may be unwanted. I did not run into any issues using the extension and the ad-blocking part worked fairly well during initial tests. One of the issues here is that the extension offers no controls other than toggling a protection entirely for a site or globally, another that the extension does not provide a whole lot of information. It is also unclear why the extension needs the " Communicate with cooperating websites" permission and what the cooperation with msn.com entails. The extension has a larger memory footprint than uBlock Origin; it was about 50% larger during tests. Malwarebytes users who trust company products already may be the most suitable candidates for installation of the browser extension. The extensions extend the functionality of Malwarebytes offerings."
  8. +1 f14tomcat. Excellent point. Specifically, it's the "weight" = The relative darkness of the characters in the various typefaces within a type family. Weight is indicated by relative terms such as thin, light, bold, extra-bold, and black.[from Adobe Type glossary] And also a typeface optimized for UI. See for example: Segoe UI is a member of the Segoe family used in Microsoft products for user interface text, as well as for some online user assistance material, intended to improve the consistency in how users see all text across all languages. It is distinguishable from its predecessor Tahoma and the OS X user interface font Lucida Grande by its rounder letters. Segoe UI was produced by Monotype Imaging. Segoe UI is optimized for Vista's default ClearType rendering environment, and it is significantly less legible when ClearType is disabled, except at key user interface sizes (8, 9 and 10 point) where Segoe UI has been hinted for bi-level rendering. The standard font size increased to 9 point in Windows Vista to accommodate for better layout and readability for all languages. From Wikipedia, emphasis added. I'm not suggesting using Segoe UI specifically, only as an example of a typeface optimized for UI.
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