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  1. OK, better news. I downloaded the latest release from the My Account page. When I attempted to do a standard install it stopped during the install and restarted my machine twice more with the error message that Malwarebytes could not install on my computer. I put that phrase into a Google search and discovered a forum posting that referred to the Malwarebytes Support Tool. I downloaded that and ran a repair even though pop ups were telling me Malwarebytes failed to install. It took awhile but this support tool finally got finished and invited me to install the latest release. A miracle - - it
  2. I did install up to the last working version of Malwarebytes 4. I turned on the button to accept Beta releases. When the first beta update installed I got BSODs again, Only then did I give up. I gave Malwarebytes every chance to work because I had 11 months left of my subscription. The whole experience involved many hours and a total nightmare. I expect more from a software company.
  3. Even though I just renewed and had the better part of a year remaining, I gave up and went to an alternative.
  4. My Premium user interface does not show these screens and options. I uninstalled MB completely and now am using the last working version (non-beta) number . I've looked all over in that version and I see no ability to accept Beta versions. Like I said is there a link?
  5. None of the links I have tried to get the latest beta release provide downloads that work. All crash about 1/3 of way through install. Can anyone provide a good link?
  6. I'm glad I found this thread. I've been using Pro for years. I was getting blue screen crashes every 20 minutes or so. Windows let me know it was caused by MWAC.SYS. I got so frustrated I uninstalled Malwarebytes and went to Bitdefender. I have many clients using MB per my recommendation. Thank goodness I don't have them on auto-update. Try to do better going forward. When I see some feedback in this thread that the fix is working I'll update my clients, but I'll probably stay with Bitdefender on my own machine because I have to be able to rely on my anti-virus real-time/ransomware solution.
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