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  1. Thanks for the response. I did upgrade to 1.9 prior to the migration and performed a push install on a few of the computers in our domain. As mentioned, the push install did seem to work but I am getting that error message above and the computers remain offline.I did some more troubleshooting today. I verified that the Malwarebytes server configuration is pointing to the correct IP address, and that the correct ports are open. I also looked at the SCCOMM. .xml and that has the correct ip, and the SCOMM.exe on a test client and it has the correct IP. lastly...I looked at the SCCOMM.XML on the test client and the file is blank. The client does not seem to be communicating with the server at all.
  2. After migrating Malwarebytes Enterprise and the MMC to another server, all of the clients are showing as OFFLINE in the MMC. None of them are showing as online. I am getting the error message on the few computers after uninstalling the old client, rebooting the computer and reinstalling it. Error again is: Installed successfully, but registration failed. Unable to connect to the remote server The computers appears to be communicating with the new server since it shows its AntiMalware version is and the last detection time is 8/28/19 at 12:58.(today) Did I miss something in the migration? I am not sure why after uninstalling and reinstalling the client on these machines they are not coming online. Thanks
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