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  1. OK. Maybe you can include the cross site scripting info in the invitation next time... Hope you understand why I was concerned...
  2. I received an email from malwarebytes inviting me to participate in a Beta. I downloaded the file (mbsetup.exe), but then was taken to another website (cross web-site linking) which makes me uncomfortable. Even though MalwareBytes is in the url, the underlying site is box.com. IS THIS LEGIT?? Can I trust mbsetup.exe????
  3. Thanks for the reply, but I am unaware of what a browser extension block. The program is trying to quarantine the exe file, and it has a problem with the install file. Please advise... should I just exclude it from quarantine?
  4. The program and install files are showing as malwsre. My Windows Defender and VirusTital say not virus. Please check.
  5. MalwareBytes is marking PointerFocus as a threat. Does anyone know why? see www.pointerfocus.com. This is a MUST HAVE utility for me to teach others and I'm concerned it's being flagged...
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