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  1. ''So...many apps are flawless'' I mean not only antivirus/malware protection apps. Last 10 years I used and tried more than 100 + different kind of apps and 99% of them work flawlessly. For me is not normal any kind of apps to cause bsod/crash or any other anomalies. Simple solution - uninstall MBAM. Or keep being a beta tester.
  2. One week later and you still fighting? Let me tell you that since 2009 year ( kaspersky bsod, was nvidia driver related) I'm not seen bsods or any other crashes utnil end of 2019 year, when installed the new mbam version. But I use only EEK portbale for regular scans and WD. So...many apps are flawless. For me is not normal to see apps related bsods. But keep fighting. Good luck
  3. What the...I was planning to install it again after two months without MBAM lol. I'm done with this app. For paid product ppl shouldn't be beta testers. I would expect flawless product. Can delete my post or account if want. GL.
  4. I'm with gtx 1660ti. BTW is problem fixed or there are other bugs? Want to install free version jusr for regular scans.
  5. Tried to uninstall via control panel - no avail. In safe not - no avail. Ran the mbam ''tool'' in safe mode and uninstalled. I hope that mbam and their ''special tool'' didn't brake my new windows 10. Btw, mbam was so light and good app for regular scans. What you did last several years with mbam is awful. Buggy, buggy, buggy, buggy, buggy.
  6. Same problem. Tried mbam support tool >repair>scanning for issues...Endless scan. Can't imagine what would happen if try to uninstall MBAM with this tool. Any other method to completely uninstall mbam and this ''tool''?
  7. Hello. MBAM report that this file is virus. VIrustotal results 21/67 https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/fb1764acec6f5587a3482a8a194bf7c6d2a646de6e8449bc1ea5e46b1d0bf649/detection First scan in virustotal showed 24/67. Few min. later - 21/67. Windows Defender and all reputable antiviruses report that file is clean. Is clean or not? Thanks in advance. OS Windows 10 64bit.LaunchGTAIV.7z
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