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  1. Replying to myself, - all deinstalled and Removed. - Clean Install SQL Server 2016 Express. - Enabling Userlogin SA - Trying To use the point using embedded database...... - errors out when preparing database (see screen shot). pease help! Micha
  2. Hi, at the moment, I'm trying to get the new management server installed for a customer (mbmc-setup- And I'm stuck now. - Server is Server 2016 Standard - Read "Endpoint Security Quick Start Guide.pdf" - Noticed that Malwarebytes wants to install an SQL Server 2008 Express, which is out of support since some time. - Installed SQL Server 2016 Express (Next/Next/Next/Specify SA Password/Next/Next...... installation) - Try again to install Malwarebytes..... - If I try to use External Database and specify: Database Address = .\SQLEXPRESS User
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