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  1. Please let me apologize. The problem was not with Malwarebytes. It was with an app called TRIPMODE that I was using to stop updates and other background processes from consuming data especially when using my Iphone as a hotspot. Possibly a recent OS update reset something so I had to exclude anything I still wanted to use, i.e. Chrome . I started deleting everything in my menu bar until I found the problem. Luckily I never sent the computer to Apple. I'm sorry it took me so long to reply but life happened with several urgencies which took precedence over replying here. I want to really thank you guys for responding because I would have blamed Malwarebytes and now I can install it again and start using it.
  2. please don't give up on me. I'm having all sorts of problems with this computer which I'm trying to fix. Even signing onto this forum is difficult. Every time I try to sign on I have to reset my password. I use 1password which saves my new password, but every time it doesn't accept itl. I've been out most of today and now there is a cat 3-4 hurricane coming right at us in Central Florida. So I just got home after spending 45 minutes in line for gas and then more time dealing with the crowds shopping for food. I thought I was getting started early but everyone remembers wasting gas before Irma, driving around trying to find gas stations with any gasoline. ************* Yesterday I saw the question about whether I uninstalled chrome or MB but it disappeared. I called Google-one tech support who had me trash Chrome and then download it again. They never had me do anything about support files. Please tell me how I should have nuked Chrome and removed these files. I also trashed reinstalled chrome while speaking with Apple last night. Apple support had me create a second admin account to see if Chrome would work in a new account. I always work in a standard account and I had already tested and found that I had the same problem in my original admin account. The new admin account also had the same problem. But I just tried both admin accounts for the first time after uninstalling enrypt.me using Safe Mode last night, and I found that Chrome works in both of those accounts. But when I logged back into my standard working account Chrome worked at first, but as I drilled down it didn't. This is probably the same thing that might have happened last night when I assumed the MB was the problem because it was working when I had uninstalled MB. It wasn't working, I just hadn't drilled down deeply enough. I'm assuming now that some application might still be loading when I log into my regular account and if I open Chrome before that application is fully loaded, it works but not for long. I'll keep you informed. I appreciate your support. Tomorrow I have dental work scheduled and I have to start moving all the pots and stuff around the house that could possibly become projectiles.
  3. I was wrong. Chrome still isn't working. I was so excited when I opened chrome after I rebooted from Safe Mode that I didn't go past the first screen. What I saw was probably cached from the Safe Mode webpage. Apple suggested removing Encrypt.me but even that required another boot into Safe Mode since I couldn't get Finder to work either. So now I have uninstalled both Malwarebytes and Encrypt.me, uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome which still doesn't work. The good news is that I got Finder working again since I couldn't include the screen shots below when I couldn't open Finder. The other good news is that there might not be any problem with MB since removing it made no difference. I guess I will just have to send the computer into Apple after all and let them work on it. Here are two of the screens I might get when I try to open something in Chrome.
  4. Are you running Mojave 10.14.6? I forgot to mention I was running MB Premium.
  5. Last week I spent 4 hours with google-one help and 3 more with Apple. Chrome worked in Safe Mode but not regular mode. We tried everything including uninstalling Malwarebytes, even reinstalling the OS. I had just installed Malwarebytes so I kept telling everyone that I thought that was the problem. Nothing helped for over a week. Since uninstalling Malwarebytes didn't make any difference I installed it again. Apple decided I should send in my Mac. As I was getting it ready following their instructions to disable any security software, I turned protection off. As I had done everyday for the last week, I tried Chrome again, for the last time, and could hardly believe it worked just fine. I can't remember exactly what I did other than stopping protection in the menu bar. But it worked. So to test it, when I turned protection back on, and off again, I couldn't get Chrome to work again. I tried to remember what else I did to get it working the first time. Nothing I could do this time got Chrome to work. I uninstalled it (which I hadn't done the first time when I got Chrome working again) and tried over and over with the same results. So I booted into Safe Mode which took 30 minutes to open while it was cleaning up the mess I made in just a week. Of course Chrome worked fine in Safe Mode, but it also works now that I'm back in regular mode without Malwarebytes. Is anyone else seeing this problem? Is any else able to use Chrome on their MAC?
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