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  1. Cool good to hear. I can also report that the major update to Microsoft Windows 10 - 1903 will knock it out on Google Chrome too. Although in this instance you get an unmissable exclamation mark icon up top over the Google Customize and control button > click > accept but you do have to open MB panel and do the off/on process to bring it back to life. Given my experience with several W10 updates I was just happy to see the lock screen tbh.
  2. Shouldn't be too hard to reproduce. I had to do it on a PC I look after with the same issue so it appears to be 100% strike rate if you had the previous version beta installed already. But once you get it going again it is rock solid.
  3. It is no major drama. I did 2 more PC's both same issue and easy fix. I think Chrome disables it until you agree to the new term then once done it only 1/2 reactivates the app. If you hover the mouse over the icon it tells you Malwarebytes has access to the site. While that might be the case it is certainly not functioning until you open the drop down settings via toolbar ext and toggle off/on the pause/resume slider and from there it is back in biz and good as gold.
  4. Thanks Maurice, I kind of figured it might be have been additional since I have had less activity from my main apps since installed the extension. MB user since 2014 and haven't come unstuck yet........Touch wood.
  5. The new update requires you to accept the new terms regarding email but after you accept it you have to manually turn it off and restart or it will be gray and doing nothing. Other than that it has been working very well. I have a couple of full licenses, added the extension to 1/2 the PC's here and was wondering if this is an additional layer of protection or just doubling up.
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