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  1. I'm seeing the same thing. MWB Console is reporting PHYSICAL addresses which don't exist on the corporate network. -- I'm also having issues pushing MWB to any of those clients - which may or may not be related. I'm getting the generic "WMI not allowed through firewall" error. NOTE: Yes - I've checked the firewall on the local PCs and the VPN server and nothing appears to be blocked anywhere.
  2. Yep. That was the odd duck. I kinda figured the other PCs might have just crashed/triggered on the update - but since I did see a 'noisier' alert - I decided to make a post. To be honest - I haven't seen a single alert since then. So maybe that was just an anomaly...
  3. I had one PC throw multiple alerts whereas several other PCs threw a single alert. It seemed to roughly correlate withe the log entry of AntiExploit doing a stop/start for the most part - though ONE PC bucked the trend.
  4. I'm starting to see a lot of Anti-Exploit blocks on Excel (and to a lesser degree Word). All clients are on the latest version of AntiExploit (that was JUST released today). The Security Logs don't indicate anything beyond 'exploit attempt blocked' - though I do see a stop/start for AntiExploit under System Logs..
  5. I finally updated the Management Console to 1.9 and I pushed out to a couple of test clients this morning and it worked great. I rolled out about a dozen more clients (after uninstalling first) - and things went downhill. Virtually everyone is getting the licensing error (although the console says Ransomware protection is active). I've already opened up a support ticket - I just wanted to confirm it's still happening - even with the 1.9 console release I downloaded this morning.
  6. I can confirm this started in the last hour or so. In our case it happens when users try to print from a web-based application (through Word).
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