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  1. Also just FYI, I'm on an S10 w/ Android 9
  2. App Version: Malware database: 2019.08.28.01 Phishing database: 2019.08.29.07 So, in further testing, I'm not sure this actually is anything to do with my domain specifically. It doesn't seem to trigger on the entire domain in general, only the exact second you type out certain URLs containing "invoices", so the one on my own site " hxxp://crm.oxifresh.com/invoices/edit", type the the last "t" and the popup shows up, you don't even need to hit enter and navigate to the site. I was also tellingly able to reproduce this other domains, like say "reddit.com/
  3. Sure - here's the screencap of the error message users are getting, it's happening in both browsers tested, Chrome and Firefox:
  4. The site I administer, hxxp://crm.oxifresh.com (IP seems to be errantly triggering a Phishing warning on Malwarebytes for Android. As soon as the user navigates to any URL in the invoices section, ex. hxxp://crm.oxifresh.com/invoices, hxxp://crm.oxifresh.com/invoices/edit, etc: I don't see any evidence of malicious activity on this domain, and cross checked it with Google's Transparency Report's Safe Browsing tool, SpamHaus, and MXToolbox which all listed it as safe as well. Can this be fixed? Thanks!
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