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  1. Hi guys, thanks for all your help! It turns out it isn't actually there! Thanks!
  2. Aww man, i got a trojan. Trojan:Win32/Azden.A!cl Windows defender says it is severe, and it says it may not be fully removed, even though ive deleted the file. I've tried a malwarebytes scan, but it says im all protected. I want to be 100% sure i dont have it. its in C:/Users/(my name)/downloads and then after that, the infected files are there, windows defender says, even though ive already deleted it and it doesn't appear.
  3. Wow! All the PUMs and PUPs were deleted! Thanks!
  4. huh. was extremely fast. nice Fixlog.txt
  5. In the reports button, there were no reports for "Clean" so i just added the only report there. AdwCleaner[S00].txt
  6. I have unwanted pups and pums, and I want to remove them without damaging anything. How? I came here first before doing anything a.txt
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