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  1. I found no profile. Went to Safari Preferences and General Tab. Put "Top Favorites" in the New Open Window box and in the New Tabs Open With Box. Inbox Helper came up both time. I did not know what to put in the Homepage box and left it blank. Guess it chose the current page which it read as Inbox Helper which is what came up with opening window and new tabs window. Changed the Homepage to Google.com and changed the Opening Window to Homepage but left the New Tabs Window box Top Favorites. The Google opening window worked but when I clicked on a new tabs window the Inbox Helper came on. Changed the New Tabs Window to box to Homepage and the Google homepage came up. I would like to make the opening window and the new window by Bookmarks. Can I make Bookmarks my Homepage? If so, how so? Would love to scrub that Inbox Helper from my system.
  2. My Safari home page with my favorite sites was taken over by Inbox Helper, a search box with links to Home Depot and other commercial spots underneath. I bought Malwarebytes specifically to get rid of Inbox Helper. As soon as I installed it, Inbox Helper was erased. The Quarantine report showed MacKeeper. Recently, Inbox Helper has reappeared. I did Malwarebytes scan and everything came up clean. What to do? By the way, the Unistall instructions at the bottom of the Inbox Helper page did not work.
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