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  1. when I instal I didnt get any problem. This server I use like a normal windows. that u can do almost everything. the reason I use windows server, network is work better than normal windows. last few years I was on windows 7 - 10 and for "CCBoot" I dont need Server operating systems. this system more like personel. we only use this for update games and other programs. ones we do this other 50 compiter (client) updated. (picture) it seem that Malwarebytes work okay. 😕 CCBoot
  2. First of all thank you for your help. after I buy I read this 😕 "The Malwarebytes for Windows is not supported on "server" operating systems." but last 14 day was work well. I use "Windows server 2016 standard v1607" this is diskless server pc. the onliy program run on that pc is "CCBoot" it's like ISCSI all what I need is Real-time scanning sometime we download things on the internet and I want something to protech this pc FRST. I am going to do this when we close. all my other pc run with the server and I dont want it crash here is Internet Cafe.
  3. sorry I was a way. all what I do is: plog out all the disk from pc and format my system disk and re-install the windows. after that I get AVAST antivirus and plog in my other disk. I delete all the crypted files and scan all my disk. after two week I findout that Avast not work well on windows server and I decided to buy malwarebyes but ı dont know which protech I have to get for this single user compiter...
  4. Thank you for your help and information. well I delete all my files and data. I know that I can not get back. on the other hand I reinstal all the systen better then before but this time I just want to protech my self. My data Crypto by "lockhelp@cc.com" if ı am not wrong it was like this. I delete them all, I am not remember. 😕 I am not very sure but I think ı get the virus with in locak shere files...
  5. any one can say something about witch Prodech ı have to get for protech my self for crypto virus. I use ISCSI server Thank you
  6. hi . :) just want to ask if malwarebytes good to handle with crypto virus? before this I buy avast but I see that avast can not handle it self thats why I give it back. Thank you
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