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  1. Thank you for your answes guys. It seems that a clean reinstallation ( with iObit Uninstaller and MalwareBytes support tool) has fixed my problem.
  2. Well I gathered the logs and took a short look into it. Basically every program and path on my computer is shown there... Will not upload this here. My privacy is more important than this. If you need something in special then I can post this but not all the log files with private data inside. Have you heard of my problem in the past? Thanks.
  3. Hello, I just bought Malwarebytes Premium a week ago and got a key for 2 devices - only one device is activated yet and the website shows that I still can register one more device. The problem now is that the Malwarebytes program always forgets that I already entered the key. Startup Hyperscan and Realtimeprotection do not launch because my license is not activated... I basically have to reenter the key everyday. After entering it again, it works normal. So why is the program resetting my activation? I have CCleaner installed and use it sometimes, but can this really be the reason that my activation is shreddered? Hope you can give me an advice. Cheers!
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