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  1. Here is the link: https://up2sha.re/file?f=R6ucz2eaDb87eKEWj8
  2. I ran the 7.4.1 beta and it worked fine. Compressed the Adwcleaner folder and tried to attach to my reply. It was 998mb and too large. I renamed the folder to AdwcleanerOLD, rebooted and ran the beta again. It worked quickly and I attached the zipped file here. AdwCleaner.zip
  3. I tried 7.4.0 twice and it hung both times. I then restarted my machine and tried again, it completed very quickly (the zip file I attached is from the first hang). Just downloaded 7.4.1 and will run that just to see what happens.
  4. I am running AdwcleanAdwCleaner.ziper 7.4 also and it is hung up. I am attaching the zip file.
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