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  1. lol, as soon as I saw the comment from dcollins, I raced to my PC, went to the malwarebytes store and it's now reverted to the same as the US site. No more 10 for £40. Complete shambles, so I've had to by a couple of licenses for £40 and will just cover two machines. The kids machines can take their chances. I just hope the software isn't as confusing as their website.
  2. Thanks Exile360. You saved me from much disappointment Have a nice evening.
  3. This is the page asking for credit card details, so it should be the final page prior to confirmation of purchase. I'm not going any further as I suspect this is confirm the purchase if I do.
  4. Hi Exile360, OK so the same page now, but still very misleading in the UK. The dropdown has only one entry in it '10 devices' also note the description of the subscription and price here in the UK compared to your screen. Something is definitely not right somewhere.
  5. @exile360 Whoa, you have a totally different purchase screen to me here in the UK. Yours is pretty obvious what it means. Mine, less so. Also the prices don't relate to each other. You're looking at about $20 per device (maybe that's the half price offer) while in the UK it says £39.99 for 10 devices. As $ and £ are pretty much 1 for 1, it looks like the UK site is very misleading!
  6. What you're saying doesn't make sense at all. You cannot buy a single device subscription, that option is not available. You can ONLY buy a 10 device subscription. I'm asking if that 10 devices is a 'real' 10 devices, e.g. I can install on 10 of my 'windows 10' laptops, or if the 10 devices means 1 windows 10, 1 unix, 1 android, 1 iOS etc so it's possible to protect 10 devices if you have one of the 10 random operating systems they support. (Which is the case elsewhere with certain companies selling 'installs on 4 devices' software). Please confirm (Assuming you work for Malwarebytes) so I can be sure of the contract I'm getting into. I've been stung before.
  7. The purchase page says that malwarebytes protects up to 10 machines. Does that mean if I buy a yearly subscription at £40 I can install it on 10 PCs? or is it some sort of sales jargon which means I can only install it on one machine or something else?
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