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  1. The fix seemed to work, powershell is no longer popping up when I boot the computer! Here is the fixlog as requested... Separate question regarding partitioned drives. When I bought the laptop the hard drive was partitioned into two drives the C: and D: with Windows installed on the C:. The hard drive is 1T and they partitioned 200G to the D: which is basically not being used. I do a lot of VR gaming from this laptop which was one of the reasons I bought it. Is it possible to resize the D: and move/run Windows from there to free up as much space as possible for my VR and other games and programs? Fixlog.txt
  2. Should I attempt to uninstall "Browser Assistant" BEFORE I run the FRSTENGLISH or after?
  3. Like many others I have seen here I am getting the powershell app on start-up. I have tried a few things like disabling the process in the task panel as well as turning off powershell 2.0 in Windows Features. I need help please...
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