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  1. Hello Ron, please accept my sincere apologies for the delay with my response..I followed your instructions as far as...Settings >>People etc. but couldn’t find…Data from Chrome sync. I thought I would try an uninstall/reinstall of Chrome. There was an option on the reinstall for Sync, I declined and finished the install.. I then opened Chrome. chose a few sites and then ran a scan...No infections were found. I would never have found a solution without the help of both you and Alvarnell. Sincere regards zutch +
  2. Hoping someone will help me...Each time I close my Chrome browser, I run Malwarebytes and get the result " 41 files infected”, I then quarantine the infected files.This morning, I didn’t visit any sites, instead I just ran a scan and came up with the same result. I then opened Firefox and visited a number of sites, after which I ran a scan . The result was “ No infected files”. I am an average user of a PC and hoping someone can help me, please be patient with me. I am using an HP Laptop with Windows 7 Pro. Regards zutch
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