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  1. Hey there, It seems the sfcdetails.txt file was too big to upload. However, my CPU no longer appears to be at 100% whenever I launch Task Manager, so I think my issue may be solved!
  2. Alright, I ran RogueKiller. Here is the report. ReportRogue.txt
  3. Hello nasdaq, thank you for the help :) I've attached the fixlog.txt as requested. Not sure if this is what you meant but so far, the issue is still occuring. Fixlog.txt
  4. Hi there. I'll try my best to explain my issue, but I'm not extremely computer literate, so please bear with me! I've had my PC for a good few years now, since about 2015, with almost no viruses. Recently, though, when I start up my computer, I've noticed heavy lag and stuttering in my audio when listening to music. When I open Task Manager, the CPU shows itself to be at 100% usage for a split second before shooting down to 5%. Close Task Manager, problems start back up, rinse and repeat. I've been unable to locate any viruses manually, and a Malwarebytes scan pulled up nothing, but I'm certain I've got an infection of some kind--research on the internet indicates that it may be a crypto currency miner, but I can't seem to find the root of it on my own. After scanning other forum posts for advice, I did a scan with FRST. I've attached the logs here (FRST.txt and Addition.txt) that will hopefully give some needed context to whoever can help me with this issue. Additionally, if there's a way to check or make sure that the virus hasn't spread to my external harddrive and won't copy itself back over to my computer somehow, that would be great. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide! Addition.txt FRST.txt
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