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  1. Wow, Thank you very much Maurice, it worked perfect. Slimcleaner remains are all gone. Fixlog.txt
  2. Thank you Maurice for staying with me, The uninstall still does not finish. I get the message : "problem with windows installer package a program required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact support or Vendor" I did uninstall other not needed programs without an issue. AdwCleaner[C07].txt
  3. Well I found it by longing on as administrator, it's on that desktop. mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. Well, I have looked at every item on my desktop very closed, there is only one ZIP file from an earlier date and that's not it, no other ZIP or anything related to mbst-grab-results.zip don't know what's going on?/
  5. Thank you, I ran the "getting logs from your machine" after it finished got the message: mbst-grab-results.zip can be found on you desktop. Please provide this file to Malwarebytes Support. Problem is I can't find this zip file on my desktop nor can I find it by doing a search in "Search programs and files" by keying in the "mbst-grab-results.zip" or by just searching for all ".zip" files I ran the getting logs twice but can't find the logs
  6. I see a Program "SlimCleaner" in the Control Panel / Program and Features/ uninstall or repair that I can't uninstall, I am Using Windows 7. This Program does not show up in the "All Programs" start panel. Malwarebytes and Adwcleaner do not flag it. I can not find it in other than the "uninstall or repair panel" During the attempted Removal it shows a Program name as 29ad4dd3.msi and a pass C:\windows\installer\29ad4dd3.msi when I follow this pass I can't find it. My computer runs slow for a period of maybe 45 minutes after wake-up in the morning the courser jerks and finally settles down and runs fine. Could this be some Malware disguised as SlimCleaner ???
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