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  1. Ran Bitdefender scan and it resulted in no threats found. I've found once the pc has settled into a steady state, the CPU usage looks much more normal now. Thank you so very much! Unless you think there's something else to check, I think we're good!
  2. Sorry - i guess testinitsigs is a bitdefender file.
  3. I also just noticed there's 'testinitsigs.exe' that loaded up and terminated. Any idea what that is?
  4. Hi - i ran these two. Please see logfiles attached. I still am showing powershell.exe opening and terminating multiple times. However, the CPU usage is much less. Each instance is now consuming only about 3% which is a dramatic change (and maybe normal?). malwarebytes log file.txt msert.log
  5. Hi, thanks a lot! The ESET online software is pretty cool. It found 5 threats which were deleted. The Chrome extension looks concerning to me. Logfile is attached. ESET log.txt
  6. Thanks for the help. Took a bit of coaxing to get it to download update, but got it eventually. Didn't seem to find any malicious items. I have attached the logfile. mbar-log-2019-08-18 (07-01-29).txt
  7. I recently noticed in my resource monitor that 'powershell.exe' seemed to be running multiple instances, each running for only a few seconds and then terminating. This is causing my CPU to cycle up and down every several seconds. After poking around, things just don't seem right, but I can't figure it out. Then I ran MB which found no threats. Then ran adwcleaner_7.4 which founds some pre-installed items which i removed. Then I tried to run MB in safe mode with networking - however, i kept getting a message saying 'Unable to connect to service'. I tried a re-install which didn't work. Then finally did clean re-install nad used the repair tool which fixed my ability to run MB. At this point, i feel like i need help. I just ran MB threat scan and FRST scan + addition.txt. Attaching logs here. Many thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide. Addition.txt FRST.txt Threat scan log.txt
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