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  1. Will do the scan on both of my hard drives!
  2. Adwcleaner scan doesnt find anything on this hard drive
  3. And that being said, am i safe now using the hard drive that is not infected? What should i do to the hard drive that is likely infected?
  4. I stopped getting outbound trojan connection notifications since i switched my hard drive to a different one today. Ive only gotten one inbound trojan notification with this different hard drive. So the problem seems to only be on one hard drive. Sorry for my bad english
  5. Because i dont want everyone seeing my information
  6. Is the information there sensitive? And can only moderators see it?
  7. Running a malwarebytes scan doest reveal any malware
  8. Malwarebytes real time protection keeps notifying me constantly of a website being blocked due to trojan, even when surfing on trusted websites, like youtube for example. What could be the problem?
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