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  1. URLhaus identified the bad file as hxxps://troopwebhost.blob.core.windows.net/troop114tallahassee/Hennfam_2018101861037770535.doc I logged on to my Azure account and deleted this file. Now how do I get Malwarebytes to stop blocking this site?
  2. This is a Microsoft Azure blob storage account. Yesterday we began receiving reports that it was being blocked by Malwarebytes. We operate a hosting service for Boy Scout troops called TroopWebHost (see www.TroopWebHost.com for more information). We allow our customers to upload photos and documents to this blob storage account. If one of our troops uploaded an infected file, please identify it and we will remove it immediately. But this Azure blob storage account is most likely associated with an IP address that is shared with many other Azure accounts. If so, then is it possible one of these other accounts has triggered this alert? If so, how do we whitelist our account?
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