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  1. I just saw in System Information that my Desktop Laptop Platform Role is Mobile. To confirm my suspicions, in autoruns I get multiple drivers some Intel, Realtek and a majority of Samsung Android USB port, Samsung Android Device, Samsung USB Mobile Logging Device Driver etc. even though my HP laptop is not connected in any way with Samsung.To be Mobile, Transient Multi Monitor(TMM) must be enabled, thereby increasing the likelihood of a remote trojan monitoring my device.
  2. I am not using OneDrive and even disabled it. However, Virus Total has detected Trojan[Backdoor]/Win32.Zegost for the file for the computer desktop username. Maybe this might be the reason for a prolonged previous search into another virus topic related one month ago about monero virus CPU mining which came back negative. Also coming back negative are antivirus scans. The process seems to start with lsass.exe. Here is the Virus Total link- https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/08dd848ee20d671560f0db814368322387b2739be3b428484dd6a429338a9191/detection
  3. I found out just today, that whenever, there is a conversation at our room, there is a spoof call right afterwards with caller ID having a key word of the conversation. This is not paranoia once there is a pattern that is established. There was only one mobile surrounding this conversation, and it was my dad's phone which was full scanned with malware bytes. Please help how to stop the hacker from opening the microphone.
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