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  1. I have all my email marketing preferences activated and i didn't get anything.
  2. I think this applies to subprocesses too, right? In that case this is really dangerous if you are playing a VAC protected game. VAC could misinterpret this. On Steams old dead forums people using EMET has gotten VAC bans, but that was years ago. Just saying.
  3. Oh, i use them quite a bit. On legitimate services they are really convenient. And by trusting a web site with notifications, i don't have to let them install software on my system and risk getting infections and all kind of stuff. If they bother me i can disable them with like 3 clicks.
  4. What is the problem with push notifications? I use them on some sites, and they are pretty convenient sometimes. For example on Lichess/Discord Web App.
  5. Have you tried Bleachbit? What do you think about it? I haven't tried it. I didn't know about the portable version, gonna get it i think. This forum is good, i'm already learning new stuff.
  6. Does the portable build use the "emergency updater" ? I don't use CCleaner at all, i mostly used it for managing start up programs, shell extensions and that kind of stuff anyway. Now i use Sysinternals Autoruns. I loved it before
  7. Just add Chrome as a custom application to MBAE. Works for me, the mbae dll is loaded when i check with Process Explorer.
  8. I meant i have the same behavior exile has, not the same as David xD.
  9. It doesn't show up for me. I'm using Firefox on Windows 7. Favicons show up for other sites.
  10. Also, as long as you are a single computer user using your own PC at home, local privilege escalations aren't even a real threat, unless they can be accessed from sandboxed apps like modern browsers. 99% of every user on a personal PC is running as admins anyway, and regarding UAC bypasses, they aren't even security bugs. UAC is NOT a security boundary and shouldn't be treated as one. It has some good uses, it prevents legit programs from messing up to much by accident, and all the prompt nag has resulted in programs being better at being run as a standard user without asking for admin privileges unless they need it. UAC is very good at some things, but it's not a security boundary. That applies even in the highest setting btw, the best thing the max setting can do is postpone whatever virus you have from getting admin rights until you, yourself perform any elevation, even on a legit app. And even a breach of that, i don't believe is seen as a breach of a security boundary. If you wanna prevent malware from getting admin privileges when they already have infected your computer, get a standard user account and use that for daily use.
  11. All firmware on any computer should be write protected on the hardware level by default. Of course you should be able to disable it with a switch. Actually they should make that a law, firmware should be write protected by a hardware switch by default, or at the very least give people the opportunity to enable such protection if they want to. That is something useful the EU could actually do, instead of the GDPR (which has some good things) but is a lot of bullshit. If you want a warning every time a web site sets a cookie, you have been able to set a web browser to do that as long as i have lived. Now they are forcing every website in the EU or accessed from the EU to have that. Just contributes to warning fatigue, do anyone seriously believe anyone actually reads the privacy policy of every website they visit (without giving any information to). I see internet privacy as a real problem, i wouldn't search on too personal/sensitive stuff in my normal browser on Google. I don't like centralized voice chat apps like Discord due to privacy reasons. Get a serious VPN combined with private browsing/separate browser and you are good. Or just use Tor. For sensitive stuff that is, what you define as sensitive is up to you.
  12. By the way, speaking about Ninite, i know what it is but i don't really use it that much (i almost never have to reinstall anyway). Is it even possible to get crapware from Ninite? Since you said "i believe". Just asking. I thought it never gave you crapware.
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