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  1. Have you tried Bleachbit? What do you think about it? I haven't tried it. I didn't know about the portable version, gonna get it i think. This forum is good, i'm already learning new stuff.
  2. Does the portable build use the "emergency updater" ? I don't use CCleaner at all, i mostly used it for managing start up programs, shell extensions and that kind of stuff anyway. Now i use Sysinternals Autoruns. I loved it before
  3. Just add Chrome as a custom application to MBAE. Works for me, the mbae dll is loaded when i check with Process Explorer.
  4. I meant i have the same behavior exile has, not the same as David xD.
  5. It doesn't show up for me. I'm using Firefox on Windows 7. Favicons show up for other sites.
  6. Also, as long as you are a single computer user using your own PC at home, local privilege escalations aren't even a real threat, unless they can be accessed from sandboxed apps like modern browsers. 99% of every user on a personal PC is running as admins anyway, and regarding UAC bypasses, they aren't even security bugs. UAC is NOT a security boundary and shouldn't be treated as one. It has some good uses, it prevents legit programs from messing up to much by accident, and all the prompt nag has resulted in programs being better at being run as a standard user without asking for admin privileges unless they need it. UAC is very good at some things, but it's not a security boundary. That applies even in the highest setting btw, the best thing the max setting can do is postpone whatever virus you have from getting admin rights until you, yourself perform any elevation, even on a legit app. And even a breach of that, i don't believe is seen as a breach of a security boundary. If you wanna prevent malware from getting admin privileges when they already have infected your computer, get a standard user account and use that for daily use.
  7. All firmware on any computer should be write protected on the hardware level by default. Of course you should be able to disable it with a switch. Actually they should make that a law, firmware should be write protected by a hardware switch by default, or at the very least give people the opportunity to enable such protection if they want to. That is something useful the EU could actually do, instead of the GDPR (which has some good things) but is a lot of bullshit. If you want a warning every time a web site sets a cookie, you have been able to set a web browser to do that as long as i have lived. Now they are forcing every website in the EU or accessed from the EU to have that. Just contributes to warning fatigue, do anyone seriously believe anyone actually reads the privacy policy of every website they visit (without giving any information to). I see internet privacy as a real problem, i wouldn't search on too personal/sensitive stuff in my normal browser on Google. I don't like centralized voice chat apps like Discord due to privacy reasons. Get a serious VPN combined with private browsing/separate browser and you are good. Or just use Tor. For sensitive stuff that is, what you define as sensitive is up to you.
  8. By the way, speaking about Ninite, i know what it is but i don't really use it that much (i almost never have to reinstall anyway). Is it even possible to get crapware from Ninite? Since you said "i believe". Just asking. I thought it never gave you crapware.
  9. Just get it from the official site, i think i pressed the green download button earlier, i saw it was downloaded from the official domain, actually i don't care about the bundled offers, Filezilla is a legitimate program, they won't install it for you without your permission. If people would just stop seeing software installs on Windows as a just click Next, Next, Next as fast as possible competition, they wouldn't have any problems with this. I don't have any problems with them making money from bundled offers. Tim Kosse (the developer) is offering you very high quality software for 100% free. I fully back his right to do that. Does Malwarebytes even flag Lavasofts Web Companion? Isn't Lavasoft the developer of Ad-Aware? A popular antispyware program back in the days. I don't think they would do anything very bad at least, but if it's a PUP i understand. Or rather an ACUP (Almost Certainly Unwanted Programs).
  10. Yeah, i have an almost 10 year old Steam account with loads of game and in very good standing, so i don't wanna risk it. Just a little note though, VAC is not really a DRM, it's an anti cheat tool. And I'm not against it at all, I'm against intrusive DRM, but if you play multiplayer, you can't expect to be allowed to cheat, they have to have control. At least on official servers that is, on community servers can disable VAC if they want (but no one does, no one likes cheaters) Valve is actually a pretty chill company when it comes to mods, DRM and that kind of stuff. They even publish SDKs and encourage modding. I believe it could offer some kind of protection for games though, the techniques seem to work against exploits in general, games aren't usually subject to RCE exploits though, more like bugs people use to gain advantages in the game. Source games have had some RCE exploits earlier though, but it's not a big threat in the gaming world now that i know of. But better safe than sorry. I know someone on the Steam User Forums (they are shut down now, replaced by a more "modern" and worse variant) had been banned for using EMET, but that was like 2012-2014 or something i think. I don't think i need help with anything else right now, the most important question is really, does checking all the boxes in Exploit Protection > advanced provide any drawbacks, security wise? I know performance and stability wise, but that will be a problem i have to deal with later. By the way, can you protect things like Virtualbox with this? Should i add its drivers too in that case?
  11. Hi! I'm a new user here, i like playing CS:GO, CS:S and other games on Steam. In CS:GO i do play competitive from time to time, but i usually hang around on community servers, just like i did (and still do, to a extent) in CS:S. If you are Swedish and used to play CS:S when it was popular, maybe you know who i am. 😮 Any other gamers that would wanna play CS:GO, do a heist or something funny in GTA, or play something else maybe? Right now i would love to play Pummel Party, so if anybody has that game, hit me up on PM. Games i play: CS:GO CS:S GTA V Online (i basically only play heists or other missions, and no random matchmaking, only people that i talk with while playing. I can just mess around in the game too) Pummel Party (like Mario Party, but on PC and online). Other games i play a bit casually if I'm bored: Chess at Lichess Business Tour (on Steam, like Monopoly but they can't call it that cus laws) If i feel like it we could play something else of course, i can't list all my games here. If you wanna play with me: I want you to have a mic, and be able to speak English or Swedish (don't have to be perfect, if you are playing a more serious game like CS:GO or GTA, i want us to be able to understand each other, but of course you don't have to speak perfectly). Preferably be willing to use TeamSpeak 3, since that's what i use with my other friends, if you wanna play something 1 on 1 with me, i could accept Discord too, if i'm bored that day). I don't and won't use Skype. You don't have to be particularly good at the game, but you do need to be able to communicate and take constructive criticism (and give it too) I don't really care about squeaky/young voices either, but if you have one, don't scream, speak calmly. Other facts about me: I dislike McD, Burger King and other fast food chains, but i love real hamburgers. I think this website needs a favicon so i can find it easier among all my tabs, I'm a tab lover. 16 GB ram is a need. Gamer, strongly prefers TeamSpeak over Discord. Discord fanbois, I'm challenging you to a debate! PC MASTER RACE of course, console peasants. Meticulous when it comes to computer security, and my computer in general. Two screens bitches! ❤️ Wouldn't survive without them. PCs > smartphones, tablets and that kind of *****. Talking about smartphones: Vanilla Android aka Pixel > Other Android phones with good mod support > iPhone > Trash Android Btw, f*ck modern software UI:s, like apps that Discord use. NO, you don't need half of my screen to show me a message, thank you. I hate preinstalled crapware on computers on laptops, insecure *****. Mechanical keyboard warrior! Tech support for both family, extended family and people hanging out on the same gaming communities that i frequent. Proud Windows 7 user, dislikes Windows 10, but not for the usual reasons. Likes caffeine. Yeah, that's me.
  12. Note for mods: I made a support ticket, but the support staff recommended this forum to get in touch with the developers. This question is mainly aimed at the stable version included in MBAM Premium btw, if this is the wrong forum for it, then please move this thread to the correct one. Is there any drawbacks security-wise to into exploit prevention > advanced settings and just checking every checkbox for all programs? I know it can cause performance problems, but this is my home computer, I'm a power user, i know what I'm doing. Also, is there any way to add more categories than just the existing ones and "other" ? That would be good, there is lots of categories that programs don't fit into, but the programs may need different security settings. I know any mods or admins here is gonna recommend default settings, but i wanna try stronger settings and see if it gives me any noticeable performance problems/other problems. For example, where would i put apps like Teamspeak, Discord and Skype? I know Skype is electron based and i think Discord is too, so they should be under "browsers" right? Or Chromium-based browsers? Teamspeak is not web browser based at all, it is a VOIP application used by gamers, but also by companies and governments. What about Thunderbird? Steam? By the way, if i add Steam, does that automatically include all Steam games (you start them through Steam) too? Speaking about that, is there any gamers here using MBAE (beta or regular) with Steam/your games? ATTENTION GAMERS. You don't need to read this, read the TL;DR down below instead! Have you added games like CS:S, CS:GO and TF2 into MBAE? I know Source based games have had known exploits before (patched now of course). I understand there is not really a point trying to protect a single player game from exploits, but i think multiplayer games is another question. I know MBAE injects dlls, anyone here using it with CS:GO or other VAC-protected games and gotten banned? If so, how long? VAC bans are delayed and don't happen instantly, from what i know, it can theoretically take up to 6 months. And also, another follow up question, which settings have you enabled for the VAC games in question with/without having any problems? TL;DR for gamers, have you used MBAE (stable or beta) with CS:GO or other VAC protected games? Gotten a ban or not? For how long, what settings more specifically?
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