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  1. The TDSSKiller report was empty. Here's the RogueKiller report. ReportRogue.txt
  2. Here's the files. Same problem is still happening. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  3. Hey, I'm really sorry but I'm going on vacation for around 3 days, could you hold on? I'll do that step the moment I get back home. I didn't realize my family was going away when I started the thread, apologies. (And just to answer your question, I'm from Canada)
  4. Thank you for the response. Here are the files. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  5. Hi, I'm new here, so I probably won't be giving much useful information. So, I've been using my PC for about a year now with little to no issues with viruses, but a few days ago I started dropping frames in every game I would play, but the moment I opened Task Manager, my game went back to normal. Around 5 or so minutes would pass, and then Task Manager would close without any warning at all. Today I searched up solutions but couldn't find anything that worked. I couldn't find igfxupdate.exe in SysWOW64 or System32, and the same thing that happened to Task Manager happened to Process Explorer. Also, the same day that all of that happened, I can't open Malwarebytes. I just get a message on my screen saying "The item referred to by this shortcut cannot be accessed. You may not have the appropriate permissions." I've never had a problem using Malwarebytes before, and I suspect it's related to the above problems. Any help is much appreciated.
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