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  1. The TDSSKiller report was empty. Here's the RogueKiller report. ReportRogue.txt
  2. Hey, I'm really sorry but I'm going on vacation for around 3 days, could you hold on? I'll do that step the moment I get back home. I didn't realize my family was going away when I started the thread, apologies. (And just to answer your question, I'm from Canada)
  3. Hi, I'm new here, so I probably won't be giving much useful information. So, I've been using my PC for about a year now with little to no issues with viruses, but a few days ago I started dropping frames in every game I would play, but the moment I opened Task Manager, my game went back to normal. Around 5 or so minutes would pass, and then Task Manager would close without any warning at all. Today I searched up solutions but couldn't find anything that worked. I couldn't find igfxupdate.exe in SysWOW64 or System32, and the same thing that happened to Task Manager happened to Process Explor
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