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  1. 1. Yes, myself. 2. Yes, i have email account on http://mail.ru/
  2. Done. I almost clicked on "Start repair" I noticed that the program reacted to the following sites: dlxx.ext.terrhq.ru, where xx - number. For example: dl18.ext.terrhq.ru, dl25.ext.terrhq.ru, dl26.ext.terrhq.ru etc. At a local forum, users said that this is only related to the gaming capabilities of the game center - downloading and updating the game through a torrent system, a regional game server, and more. Thanks for attention. mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. Good day. I just can’t get rid of the problem "PUP.Optional.MailRu". This code is somehow involved in synchronizing my Google account. Reinstalling the browser does not help. Reset to defaults too. Conditionally helps just reset Google account synchronization. All these files are quarantined, but after rebooting appear again and so on ad infinitum. Thanks for attention.
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