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  1. Sounds simple enough. I won't get to it until mid-morning tomorrow. THANK YOU for your help !!
  2. I have the old one back together and have completed the DE-ACTIVATION per above. What do I do next? I'm downloading the package so I'll have a fresh/latest version when I'm ready to install on the new computer.
  3. I took the drive out of the old (laptop) computer so I could more easily transfer files to the new one. Now I'm having to "rebuild" the old one so it'll take a few more minutes.
  4. Aramis and Porthos were two of the Three Musketeers (but you already knew that)
  5. Hey Porthos... you a friend of Aramis? I've used Aramis cologne for years !!
  6. BTW: I think I have the "license key". There's a string of 4 groups of 5 characters he labeled "Malware license key".
  7. I am setting up a client's new computer - he is replacing his old one. He has a self-renewing license for MB-Premium that just renewed in April of 2019. The biggest problem is that the original eMail address that was used when the product was first installed is no longer valid - and the owner of the machine/account does not remember any details of setting up the account or any passwords. The old machine still works (limps along) and I have it with me. It seems like there used to be a way to move a MalwareBytes license without having to sing on to anything (I did it for another client a couple of years ago but that was a business account). Is there any way to capture files or reg entries that I can move to the new machine. Or, could I sign in somewhere on the new machine and have someone "perform activation magic" ?? Thanks in advance... Tovian
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