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  1. Btw, sorry. I can't paste it here. I'm using my phone rn.
  2. Good day... I tried diagnosing it many times but it says "Troubleshooting couldn't identify the problem" (actually many times before). And then I searched youtube.com, fb.com gmail.com and searched something on google to make it sure if it really works but it stays the same. Heres the detection details and publisher details:
  3. Thank you vm for your time... I will check it later cuz i didn't bring my laptop rn. Maybe Saturday I'll try to fix it when i get home...
  4. Annnnnddd after I try some minor ways. I decided to uninstall the sofware... annnndd still it doesn't work... so maybe the problem is what i quarantined and deleted?
  5. I noticed that something is wrong bout my browser so I looked for an anti-malware softwares and there are many who recommended the use of malwarebytes, but when i searched your website using my laptop, the response is cannot find ip address so I decided to download it from another website since there are many that pops-up on the result of what I searched on google (and I think the website is does not bring any harm to my laptop) and it successfully installed and then i quarantined and deleted all of the malwares and other threats. But then when i check my browser to see if it really worked, it gotten worst, I mean, I can't use my internet anymore even if I'm directly connected from my router. Can you help with me. I'm using my phone rn. My laptop is Hp and in win10.
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