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  1. It was the recover missed tasks that needs to be activated. So simple. Got it! Thank you so much.
  2. It's not really working. I cannot schedule a scan time, because I don't use the computer at a certain time. I changed the settings to daily at a certain time and it never scanned, because the computer was allways turned of at this time. It seems, that I need the setting "at restart". Unfortunately that means, that every time, when I start the computer, MalwareBytes scans. Do you understand, what I mean? English is not my first language.
  3. Thanks for your answer. I never turn off my computer before the scan is finished. I will try the settings you said and come back. Thanks so far.
  4. Hi, I restart my computer several times a day and MB scans every time and slows down the computer. I want WB to scan the system only once a day. Is that possible? What setting do I need? Thanks for help.
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