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  1. Hey, thanks. Result: no threat detected...did take hours. Thanks for your time I hope they can help.
  2. Keep in mind before I posted here I was in a panic so the "K" drive has been wiped by Western Digital support in case it is in the logs. (I know don't nuke anything else before you can help)
  3. Do you want any of the Farbar docs?
  4. got it. Thanks for your time. mbar-log-2019-08-12 (12-39-33).txt
  5. LoL Okay, sorry I understand. Um, I will have to log in on her PC not transferring a file to my PC give me a few.
  6. Anti-root kit says no malware detected.
  7. Basically this: Okay that's three days of crazy stuff involving USB thumb drives and stuff I am unfamiliar with...this is why I got MWB Prem so I would "hopefully" not have to do stuff like this. I honestly want to WIPE all her drives and start over. So my original question to support was "can I wipe these drives and kill it", or is a hammer in my future? ( I already hammered an 18 gig thumb drive.) Yes I agree, Nasty dam thing. I ran Farbar recovery scan tool from your link from: the Director of Global Support not sure if I can paste his name here. He had me do a https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-2388 My ticket is Your support ticket 2685112 I had already been messing with FarBar before I put a ticket in. I have the PC in safe-mode with network support and Farbar open and the virus (or what ever) has not been able to shut the PC down "yet". This allowed me to install a new MWB but it scanned with nothing detected. I am running a CCleaner atm and Western Digital wiped my SSD blue (data drive) clean with a "low pass"? Anyway that drive was wiped with noise so they say and I did not reformat it yet. The WD Black NVMe is all that is left. Look I am going to be honest with you. I have an aliment from my time in the service and it causes major anxiety. I know you guys care about saving data but in this case I just want to nuke it from orbit..it's the only way to be sure. =p
  8. So, my wife got a nasty virus I think it's a rootkit deal. I sent a support ticket but I was not logged in as a MWB premium user should I re-submit the ticket? Just wondering cause they had me send the logs from the infected computer then went dark. I just wanted to know if I needed to take a hammer to 500 bucks in brand new drives. (thank goodness I refuse to network our PC's - BSG paranoia). My MWB Premium purchase said faster access to support but I have no idea "how" I get faster access? No idea how this got past MWB but it's a little concerning. I am going to have to firewall the heck out of my wife's FB "wandering" in the future. What ever this it it deleted MWB and Avast and shuts the PC off any time you try to reinstall them.
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