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  1. Thanks Ron. Articles are insightful with broader vulnerability issues, but don't specifically mention the items in question. My PC is no longer under warranty. If removing these items causes damage, I'll be on my own to fix. That said, it sounds like you're confident I don't need them. Assuming tech support could help me restore if any damage occurs. May call to clarify before proceeding.
  2. Hello, I have an active malware license, which runs daily. I also run adwcleaner every time I login. Have had to remove PUPs at various times in past. For first time on July 8th I got adwcleaner scan results that said I have 15 preinstalled software and was prompted to quarantine them. There were a few programs that looked suspicious so I proceeded. A few are from Dell, and I’m wondering if these should be removed. I attached the log file from 7.8.19 when I first quarantined/cleaned the preinstalled software. Did I remove anything I shouldn’t have? Also attached a screen shot of programs I’m still being prompted to remove with daily scans. Program I’m most concerned with is “Preinstalled.DellUpdateforWindows10”. Will removing this affect my PC’s ability to run windows 10 or dell updates? Thanks in Advance AdwCleaner Log File 7.8.19.txt
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