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  1. Ok thanks I will try this next week. How do I know what bit I have 64 or 32? Cheers
  2. Ok I've done all that and at the moment, the malware don't seem to be coming after since whatever I did from your last message! I logged in and out of Chrome and the push up things have not appeared since. I also did the fix it run which only took a few minutes!! see attached. Thank you Fixlog.txt
  3. Hi, I've still to do all of your last message, it looks so complicated and I'm finding all of this incredibly stressful, but I will try and figure it out soon. My pc did a major update recently and it is acting irritatingly slow too. So I'll get back to you soon. Thanks
  4. Ok great. Well I just clicked on Google Chrome since all the things you've suggested and its said 'your Norton has exp;ired today, by beforewardreallygo.icu so it is still there.
  5. I can't find the nice visual box so I can't find anything to click on. Where is it on my pc after a restart
  6. I have done the adwcleaner scan but when it restarted I now can't find it. I looked in program files and found it on my c drive but can't find the reports button
  7. I have downloaded the premium version and run a scan and quarantined all the 78 items. What shall I do now? Thank you.
  8. Hello Maurice, Ok I have saved the link you suggested on my desktop. What next? I am in the UK so time is different here. Thanks
  9. Thank you Maurice for your suggestion. I will try that soon, although KEarley says that it made no difference. I could stop using Chrome but my phone is a google phone so i wonder if my phone has this Malware also?
  10. I clicked on a link on a legal page and jackielovesdogs' and then to 'beforwardreallygo opened up. Then it automatically downloaded itself, then later my computer asked me with a Chrome pic in the corner if I wanted to create a character, but I don't know where it has downloaded to or how to clean it up as I can't find anything in my scans or chrome scan.
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