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  1. Last thing its 5:40 am when I am writing this I am using less than 1/4 of my head please excuse any poor English I tried to fix it most but I'm sure a lot is in I dont see. Like I cant even find where to even edit the post lol
  2. Ok this problem plagued me with my last computer and built this new/current PC because I thought it was a hardware problem. I literally upgraded every component I could because I thought it was faulty hardware. Last thing I did was change motherboards from z97 to the z370 platform. Problem stopped for about 8 months. But this past week it's back crashes once a day but only during desktop use like YouTube or browsing the web not during games yet. About 1hr from writing this my computer was slowing down to a crawl before the crash and said to my friend welp here comes the crash but it boun
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