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  1. The "Wise" company  https://www.wisecleaner.com/wise-registry-cleaner.html offers a free disk cleaner and registry cleaner , but running adwcleaner afterwards produces a report , the part that worrys me is "PUP.Optional.WiseFolderLock" which always appear if either or both the above products are installed.

    Uninstalling all  "Wise" products the notice disappears !

    Does someone have any info on "PUP.Optional.WiseFolderLock" ?Adw.txt

  2. Err ... Someone contacted me in the past couple of hours via messages and with a bit of conversation she asked me to check my registry to see if I have any entries for CNXT_AUDIO_HDA and I have several. I mentioned this to her and awaiting response.

    Prior to this I did download the Malwarebytes support tool that insisted on Net Framework 4.0 be installed. I did this and then the installer made me instal every Net Framework update before it would work !

    I do have the zip file that was produced. I did ask the other person if she wanted me to upload it but waiting for her reply and to see if CNXT_AUDIO_HDA is the answer to the false positive.

  3. OK, I'm new to this forum, registering was a major hassle in itself, the worst process I have ever experienced.

    But my reason for writing is that after installing Adwcleaner 7.4 it repoerts false information regarding "Preinstalled Software". It says I have ASUSSupport preinstalled which is not so ! I have eight Fujitsu computers, all the same model that get the same results ! I did not use a ASUS /ASUSS disk of any sort to install Windows 7 through the years. When I do a computer search for ASUS or  ASUSS there are no results.

    This is obviously a false positive. It would be an improvement if Adwcleaner were to mention where the software is supposedly installed. I will wait and see if anyone can help me, if not I'll go back to using version 7.3. Thanks

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