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  1. All seems to be good at the moment and nothing crazy has happened with any accounts... will keep y'all posted..
  2. Thanks again. The above link found 1 more threat and removed.. I cannot seem to find the log file as mentioned above. Did not save it after viewing. Went back and looked for the file on the 😄\Windows\debug\msert.log. Wasn't there. Not knowing as much about Hackers and what they are able to do is the reason I asked the question about my new password created possibly being compromised - obviously not.
  3. Here you go! 14 additional items found & quarantined... Thanks again.. So, now I wonder if the pre-installed apps possibly reported my new password created.. AdwCleaner[C01](08-8-19).txt
  4. Dave, Thanks again, and sorry I mistakenly thought you were with Malwarebytes.. I am bouncing from this forum to the other forum you recommended above. I followed the instructions and ran Malwarebytes Adwcleaner and found 14 more obljects needing quarantined. Now I'm filling out the IC3 complaint form and will check out the other links you posted as well. All while I'm under the gun trying to prepare for a job interview.. This is a wonderful learning experience all at the wrong time.. dab nab it.. Jim
  5. Well I did fall for it and let the idiot remote in.. They did not call me, I called them.... just to see.. (866) 359-5578 is the number and will be sending it to shield apps for review. I have began the changing all info process yet again... hopefully Malware Premium is preventing anything from happening now... This has been a huge time killer when I do not have it...my fault. Thanks again..
  6. Dave, Thanks for the quick and helpful response. Followed your advice and posted my logs on the Windows Malware Removal Help & Support forum a few minutes ago. Unfortunately, I did not copy the URL in time last night to save it..Hopefully, installing Premium MB last night saved me in time before anything catastrophic takes place. Turned off my credit card, changed bank login just to start last night. Now heading to the bank... Thanks again. Jim
  7. Following the advice from a staff member on the forum, I've attached the necessary log files for review. Is my computer still infected by any lingering issues or problems.. Thanks, Jim MB Scan (8-8-19).txt FRST (8-8-19).txt Addltxt (8-8-).txt
  8. Glad to have found this thread! Let me know what you think. So, while in the process of learning through W3schools website, my premium trial of Malwarebytes ended and I did not upgrade immediately. Historically, I have only used Chrome.. Without real time protection, I clicked IE (bing/edge), typed in W3schools and bam! The infamous "Your computer has been infected. blah, blah blah" I shut it down immediately, ran Malwarebytes free version and did not find anything... The next day, Chrome works fine, but when I clicked IE (bing/edge) and it lit up again. This time giving me a phone number to call (866) 359-5578 to call with my computer looking like it was truly Microsoft support... The guy on the phone, sounded for real, accessed my computer and installed PC Privacy Shield, showed me all my logins and passwords, credit cards on my PC, really used a scare tactic to get me to purchase PC Privacy Shield. I looked at the URL,,, did not show Microsoft, I knew something was up.... In speaking with the technician on the phone, asked how do I get rid of this, can you help me.... are you really with Microsoft,,, this savvy cat showed me several things on my computer to appear like the real thing and even told me Malwarebytes will not protect my computer, not even the Premium... I knew something was up.. I hung up with the dude, tried to uninstall PC Privacy shield - could not do it. Went ahead and ran Malwarebytes free version and found 132 trogans! Obviously quarantined, restarted and computer appears fine - even the PC Privacy Shield was removed. Purchased the MB Premium, went to W3schools through IE and everything is fine now... No more lighting up my computer.... If anything about PC Privacy Shield is real and legit? Then why is it so difficult? Was I speaking with an actual Hacker or just a Re-seller trying to scare me into purchasing his product? As innocent as I was only learning things to better my future, through IE (Microsoft Bing or Edge) my computer got heavily infected but not through Chrome.. What gives and why?
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