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  1. Ok thank you very much, also can you send me the script again?I cannot really find it its very weird.
  2. Ok so the first to file Im gonna circle them in my next picture is the malware
  3. Just as I was typing 3 of them were created... Also this ZIP creates the malware
  4. I have this weird extension for safari which always pop up and disturbs me doing my stuff on my mac, It just pop up as safari. I discover that the malware replicates when I tell safari to show me in folder and I discovered that the malware is in a folder like App_random number and letter - random number and letter - random number and letter - random number and letter So I decided to search App_ in my mac and Discovered something like 14 GB worth of space is taken up which explains why my storage is low even tho I have 200 Gb worth of space but that is a lot of space used. Whenever I moved it to trash it will always have a new fresh set ready to be deleted the next day also whats annoying is that I almost click the allow notification button because I was auto clicking to afk farm in a game, I will assume that if I was unlucky that i pressed it, I will have a lot of pop up ads. It also disturb me afk farming as it will just make me jump to the window, I once was fighting the ender dragon with near perfect enchanted diamond tools, my best tools and That stupid malware popped up and I quickly changed back but the ender dragon already knocked me off the map so I lost my stuff and those took me weeks to make. Also I am running on macOS Mojave the anti virus or anti malware never works.
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