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  1. I tried the whitelist/blacklist thing awhile back and almost pulled my hair out trying to manage it on different devices. In the end, it was always on globally and nothing to worry about. With all the BS coming through ads today and the site publisher not giving a rats ass about what's served up, it's just best practice to block it all.
  2. I thought you had your ad blocker set to mainly "off" for sites except the two you were having issues with. Just as a test, turn it on globally and see if you still have issues
  3. I never seem to see mentioned whether these users are running as Admin or limited user. Generally speaking, would any of this install without a user running elevated as Admin? The popups would still occur but couldn't do anything. Same with other malware?
  4. Hi Thomas, After perusing through some of the current and old threads on MB Forum; I see a lot of these type things that just don't seen to be caught. I know MB doesn't scan web traffic and even if it did, it may still not be effective. Is it enough on a Mac today to run only MB (paid with realtime on) and an effective ad blocker. Assuming of course the user doesn't torrent, visit really shady sites, install bad software, etc. Just wondering if it's time to up my game on things...
  5. I’m still wondering why your Bitdefender didn’t grab this with its browser scanning.
  6. I used to use uBlock Origin and liked it immensely. With the apple safari extension changes, it along with many others are no linger supported. People say it continues to work and use it. I went to Wipr and it seems to be ok light and effective. There are no configurations just install and that’s it. Note that it is a paid app, can’t remember but I think a few dollars.
  7. I know what it’s an ad for and don’t advocate using it whatsoever. The fact that they are using a screenshot of the exact same thing op posted tells me that this sham place knew about it in May so my question now is why doesn’t MB know about it AND why hasn’t a staff member popped into this thread yet
  8. The screenshot link I posted is from May , so it's not new whatever it is
  9. I'm very surprised Bitdefender hasn't picked up on any of that
  10. This looks exactly like you're screenshot [link removed]
  11. I was referring to the links shown for creating a system report and then submitting a ticket
  12. Here's the WhoIs on that domain: https://www.whois.com/whois/immediatepchelp.fun
  13. It would be interesting to see the resolution of this in the forum. I’ve seen several things here that I’m wondering why they weren’t caught by MB.
  14. You may want to follow the instructions given by Adas as shown in this topic
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