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  1. HI Ron, Thanks for the fast response! Yes - it's my laptop screen. And I keep magnification/scaling set to 250% nearly all the time unless I drop the res to 1080p (and turn off scaling), which I do for various apps that don't scale well or when using Remote Desktop or VMWare Horizon to connect to Windows 7 machines at work (as 7 scales horribly). The laptop is an EVGA SC17 1070G, with an NVidia GTX 1070 and 17" 4K (3820 x 2160) non-HDR (unfortunately) G-Sync display. 4K is overkill at 17", but it was the only option in the closeout deal where I picked up this laptop. I've attached the log. I presume there's no personal info in it? If there is - even if there's a chance - please download it then remove it from this post. I suspect this issue just got missed when scaling improvements were made elsewhere in the app. I just updated to Windows 10 version 1903 build 18362.267 so checked again, but it still isn't scaling correctly. Thanks, Erik
  2. The scaling issue persists in version (current as of 8/5/2019, at least in the Upgrade screen, which is where you'd think they'd want to make sure it's a pain-free process. I'm running W10 at 4K on a 17" laptop screen with magnification set to 250% so I can use it with the screen 3 feet away, and when I click "Upgrade", this is what I get (attached). Needless to say, I'm not about to continue the process unless I can read everything.
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