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  1. Uninstalled winguard, rebooted malwarebytes returned a clean scan FRST:
  2. I can uninstall winguard, do you want to post a fix or should I just run malwarebytes and then post scan results after ?
  3. It password locks programs you select and kills the process if no password is entered. The only program that I think could alter DNS entries is Tunnel Bear, but I only run that sometimes
  4. Have the virustotal links I'll do the scan now and post it WMI.ini WMI.rar IMW.ini
  5. Once again sorry for the delay, got busy in the analog world Here are the files Fixlog: Post fix scans FRST: Addition:
  6. Here are all the logs RKClean log The last entry wasn't deleted for some reason, I can re-run the scan and try again ? FRST: Addition:
  7. Scan complete: Those PUPs in the registry showed as removed before, by malwarebytes and Kaspersky recue disk (which I ran way before posting here) so I guess they're back too 🤯 What's next
  8. So, the minidump folder is empty completely ( I have the show hidden files option enabled and nothing is there), so I guess no need of uploading it. Here are the logs prior to fix FRST: Addition: Here is the Fixlog: Here are the logs post Fix FRST: Addition:
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