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  1. attached is the FRST. log file Addition_02-11-2017 15.21.11.txt Addition_02-11-2017 15.28.41.txt Addition_24-05-2018 19.15.52.txt Addition_25-05-2018 12.52.27.txt Fixlog_25-05-2018 13.01.28.txt FRST_02-11-2017 15.21.11.txt FRST_02-11-2017 15.28.41.txt FRST_24-05-2018 19.15.52.txt FRST_25-05-2018 12.52.27.txt Addition_02-11-2017 15.21.11.txt
  2. OK attached is the FRST.txt file FRST.txt
  3. Kevin - I ran the scan again - no browser problems, no malware problems the only item flagged were ADVANCED ISSUES regarding file security) You're welcome to look at the logs if you'll tell me how to get to them - I so reference to the availability/location of logs CDB
  4. Kevin - I downloaded FARBAR and ran it - no threats were detected - there are some files that are 'unprotected' but no malware was detected. CDB
  5. Kevin - I have downloaded the FARBAR software but get the message that the file is DANGEROUS AND SHOULD NOT BE TRUSTED accordingly I have not installed the program - I believe we are probably at an impasse - I will contact MALWARE directly to proceed further
  6. For some reason Windows won't let me take a screen shot of the pop up with the more details on dispaly but here is what it says: Certified Publisher MicroSoft Windows Program Location: 'C:\WINDOWS\SYSWOW64\CMD.EXE/KSC START NETGEARGENIEDAEMON i HAVE CONTACTED BOTH NETGEAR AND MICROSOFT and they claim no knowledge of the poo up CDB
  7. Attached is a screen shot of the Command Processor Popup. I am reluctant to download the FARBAR Recovery Scan Tool since these 'FREE' tools frequently come with attached software which cause more problems than they solve - what assurance do I have that this software has MALWARE approval? CDB
  8. How do i remove the Windows Command Processor pop up? it appears to be associated with the NETGEAR Genie application CDB
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